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Covid Safety Practices

Published 06/30/2022

All parents, visitors and patients 3 & up must wear a mask. We call the day before the patient’s appointment to screen for COVID exposure and symptoms We clean surfaces throughout the day. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

School and Daycare Health: Cold Season

Published 09/01/2020

The opening of school with crowded buses, classrooms, and halls provides the perfect opportunity for the spread of viruses from one child to the next. There are ways to reduce a child’s chance of contracting the latest “bug” floating around the school and daycare environment with a few simple instructions. Teach your child to wash their...

Fall Allergies

Published 09/01/2020

Any seasonal change includes weather pattern shifts and different foliage which introduces different allergens (unseen) into the atmosphere.  Every season change initiates a time to think about seasonal allergies, to prepare for allergies and to monitor children for symptoms. If your child has a known history of seasonal allergies or has tested positive for environmental allergies,...

Skin Protection

Published 09/01/2020

Damage from the sun is cumulative and leads to skin cancer. Skin cancer can occur in all color types including skin that tans. A tanned skin is damaged and not healthy. Damaging ultraviolet rays are present on sunny days as well as hazy or cloudy days. Ultraviolet rays are present at the beach as well as...

Summer Hazards

Published 09/01/2020

Summer is a time everyone anticipates. Summer means outdoor activities, cleaning, yard work, bike riding and swimming. Every parent should think about safety first before any activity. Every summer thousands of children are poisoned, suffer head trauma or drown because simple safety measures are ignored. FLUIDS All motor fluids, radiator fluids and cleaning agents, and gardening chemicals...

Heat Stress and Staying Hydrated

Published 09/01/2020

The intensity of activities that last 15 minutes or more should be reduced whenever high heat or humidity reach critical levels. At the beginning of a strenuous exercise program or after traveling to a warmer climate, the intensity and duration of outdoor activities should start low and then gradually increase over 7 to 14 days to...